What do we offer?

Approved with over 100 lenders on the broker channel

Direct lender (Correspondence) Channel with dozens of top lenders, including: UWM, HomeBridge, Quicken
Loans, Caliber and more.

Direct access to all AE's and lenders!

 Diamond Status with UWM. We are ranked No. 55 from 9,000 Brokers in the country by UWM.  


High commission splits for seasoned Loan officers

We pay commissions the fastest, same day and next day in most cases! No waiting on compliance   conditions! We wire directly into your preferred checking account! 

Social Media Design Expertise

 Social media and marketing support. Tools and support for Loan Officers are fully provided.

DU and LP User Id.

Self-Processing allowed. Flexibility throughout the whole process, no corporate red tape and common sense   decisions.  

Work with Experience Loan Officers

ACTIVE Broker/Owner with 20+ years of experience. Company owned by originator still in the trenches.  

Work remotely

Ou platform allows you to have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Close loans while you’re traveling or while you’re with family at home.

Do you do Real Estate also?

Equity Smart is expanding in career roles. We are now allowing users to do Real Estate transactions.

Tear-1 pricing from many lenders.

Our volume gets lenders to give more exemptions, fast solutions, best A/E’s and better profits. 

LOS at no COST!!

Yes you read that right. Equity Smart provides an LOS for you. Not just any LOS, we work with LendingPad.

(Side Note for Loan Officers)
Working for the biggest brokers does not mean working for the BEST brokers.

If you are not truly happy were you are at currently and you would like to learn more, I would like to schedule a call to  see if you would be interested in learning more about what we have to offer our loan officers. Please let me know what  time is the most convenient?


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South Pasadena, CA 91030


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